Margaret (Yost) Wulf

            Well here goes, I got married 2 days after graduation on May 25,1963 to Earl Wulf. Our two children

Sheila and Bryan were born Feb 12th,1964 and  June 17,1965.Sheila was married April 27, 1985 to Marek Jemiola and their son Jordan(our grandson) was born March 26,1986. Bryan was married May 14,1986 to Bernice Sheil and their son Brandon (our grandson) was born May 22,1987.  Bryan later married Kami Klena on Feb 15, 2003.

            I worked for HP starting in 1968 and leaving in 2003 (32 Years). During that time I went to night school and earned an equivalent technical degree so for most of those years I worked as a repair technician.

            Earl worked for Great Western Sugar Co. for 16 years and Coors Biotech for 12 years.Even though I worked for HP for 32 years, I feel my greatest accomplishment was to support my husband in his many endeavors. Earl built our house in Milliken literally all himself. He did not contract it, the only thing he didn’t do was pour the basement foundation. He got involved in community service and He and John Measner started the Planning Commission for the town of Milliken. He also served on the sewer board and helped as a volunteer fireman.

            Earl and I lived in the Johnstown/Milliken area until 2000 when we moved to Brownfield Tx. because of Earl’s health, my mother’s relatives lived in Brownfield.

            Sheila and her family lived in Greeley where she studied to become a stockbroker. She also lived in Longmont and Evergreen. She worked as stockbroker in Denver,put herself through college and got a degree in finance.She also received an “excellence in service ” award which got her a check, and a dinner with the company which she worked President (Charles Schwab ). She had some health concerns and now runs a book store with her husband Marek and son Jordan, in Milliken. Jordan is also involved in politics.

            Bryan has worked many different jobs among them, General Contractor for Syntex Co, maintenance

supervisor for Rams Co., 5 years experience as a salesperson and now he and his son Brandon are running their own Used Car Dealership in Loveland.

            The years Earl and I were in Brownfield, we were retired and volunteered in the Presbyterian and then Methodist Churches. I sing in the choir and attend Bible Study. We also helped serve and prepare dinners for children and funerals .The people in Texas are friendly, so it didn’t take long to get to know and have many friends.I also served on the county extension service.

            Earl passed away two years ago with advanced COPD. I have several friends who are also widows with whom I keep in touch and together we try to solve our own problems as well as a few in the community.