David John Watson

After I graduated from high school I went to work for the Great Western Sugar Company in Johnstown, Co.  I worked for them a short time when they made me their Chief Electrician, which position I held as long as I was with the company.  I went from Johnstown factory to Loveland factory, then to the Greeley plant where I remained until they closed the factory.  I worked for the sugar industry for thirty nine years.  The last four years with the company I traveled to different plants to automate their factories.  I worked in the Johnstown factory from 1963-1965, when I was drafted into the Army, where I spent two years, most of that time in Okinawa in Air Defense.  After I came home from the service in April of 1967, I married my wife Carol Ann (Oster) Watson on September 21, 1967.  She worked for Rite Aid for six months then went to work for  Walgreens for ten years, and retired in August of 2009. We adopted two children, Tammy who is now 41 years old, and Shane, who is now 38 years old.  Tammy and her husband Sam live in Milliken and have two children, Teeaisha and Damian.  Teeaisha is seventeen years old, and is active in Marching Band at Roosevelt High School, and we try to attend all of her functions whenever possible.  Damian is sixteen years old, and loves basketball, we try to support him in ways that we can.  We built our home in Milliken in 1974, and have resided in this home since we built it.  I have been active in the Milliken community for the past thirty five years as a Councilman, Mayor, and I’m presently on the Planning Commission Board.  My wife Carol and our family are members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and attend church in Johnstown.  We have held many positions in our church since being married.  Our most recent calling serving in the church is working once a week in the Denver Temple, which we thoroughly enjoy. Our main hobbies are traveling, and doing genealogy, which we try to plan together when traveling.  We have had the opportunity to travel extensively through out the United States and have had the joy of taking our granddaughter on a vacation every year since she was nine years old.  Our grandson doesn’t like to travel, so we have only had three trips with him.  At this time I’m currently semi-retired, as I work four days a week in Denver for Power Rental Equipment as their electrician.  I will probably never completely retire, as I enjoy working, unless I have to.