Karen (Elsberry) Rutt

Wow, 50 years have gone by. What have I done……let me see, hum………..

50 years ago I married Ronald Rutt. Yep, he kept me around. Amazing huh! We have three wonderful children, Renee, Teresa, and Kevin. We have 5 grandchildren, Toby, Phylicia, Brooke, Woodrow and Declan. What a joy they have brought into our lives. Renee is married to Greg Wheeler and they have one son. Toby lives in Loveland so we see him occasionally. At 23 years old, he has a lot going on in his life. He is a part time paid fireman and also works for his girlfriend’s father putting down flooring. Teresa is married to Craig Davidson. They have three children. They live in Bairoil, WY. You blink and you missed the town. Phylicia (24 years old) is autistic so she keeps Teresa busy. Phylicia has a part time job at Taco John’s. She can handle approximately 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. Brooke (22 years old) is married to Mike Beck and they have one adorable little boy. Carter has Teresa and Craig wrapped around his little finger. Teresa takes care of Carter while Brooke works. Woodrow is a senior in high school. He is 6’ 1” and he thinks he has had a bad football game if he doesn’t at least sack the quarterback three times. He was ranked third in the State of Wyoming for wrestling last year. Kevin has one little boy who is 9 years old. Declan lives with his mother in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kevin lives in Cheyenne, WY and goes to see Declan once a month for a four day weekend. Kevin has been a paramedic for over 20 years.

Let me see….hum that brings us back to Ron and me. Ron worked in agriculture. First, he farmed with his parents, then he sold John Deere equipment and then went to work for a company that received pinto beans from the farmers. He was in management the last 4 years. His health went downhill so Ron has been disabled for 15 years. He is on oxygen 24/7. As the time goes on he becomes less mobile. He can take 2 steps –from the bed to the scooter and back, from scooter to chair and back. We do have an electric wheel chair for him so he can go to Sam’s, Wal-Mart and coffee at McDonalds.

I worked for the Graves family running the Colorado Alfalfa Products, doing outside auditing of his dairy and when his daughter got leukemia I worked with he and his wife to help find unrelated bone marrow donors for those patients who did not have compatible family donors. I handled the payment of donor bills when one was found. When the Agent Orange issues came up it became such a large project that the National Red Cross got involved and they no longer needed my help. It was such a challenge to handle all three projects.   I loved it! After 18 years I left the company and went back to school to get my degree.   After I passed my first test I was hooked and kept on going.   I now work for State Farm Insurance. No dust, 5 days a week, retirement and insurance. How much better can a working woman have it? I have worked for State Farm for 15 years. Okay I have bored you enough. I have a full and wonderful life.