Clifford Rutt

After high school I went to work for Anderson Lumber in Johnstown where I worked for a few years, and then I moved to Fort Collins worked in the lumber yard there. Then I moved to Brighton where I worked as a yard foreman till 1968. In 1969 I started farming in the Johnstown area. Along with working hard I continued to play hard racing motorcycles, cars, and being an all-around hellion until I got married to my first wife, had two sons, and got divorced. In 1991 I married my second wife Lydia along with her two daughters we continued to farm and raise sweet corn. We became very popular at the Fort Collins and Johnstown Farmers markets. My wife and I started a propane company in 1994 which quickly grew and I was forced to quite farming in 2005 to keep up with the demand of our Company. We constructed a Bulk Plant in 2006 east of Milliken where I continue to work along with my wife (Lydia), daughter (Kendra), and son (Darrin). I am proud to say our Company has been published in Bulk Transportation magazine describing our business in depth.