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Born in Loveland March 2, 1945 and am one day older than Duane Churchwell. I Lived in Johnstown from then, until I left for college in Boulder (CU) in 1963. Although I have come back often to visit mom and dad while they were still alive, I’ve since lived elsewhere. I’m sure the Johnstown school system would hate to admit it but, they have full responsibility for my education grade 1-12.


I went to undergrad at CU in Economics/Political Science. I worked my way through school, as many of you know, working at Tulagi’s. I had joined the Army for some scholarship $ between my Sophmore and Junior year. Had my Army Basic Training at Fort Knox, Ky., then went back to college. I stretched college for an additional 3 ½ years but, Uncle Sam prevailed in the end. I became a brand new 2nd Lt. in 1968. I also completed graduate studies at University of Heidelberg in W. Ger. in International Finance and also completed graduate work at the Pacific Coast School of Banking at University of Washington.


After training at various places around the U.S. I went to W. Germany. The Army was kind enough again to send me back to school at University of Heidelberg. So becoming so-so in the German language; completing advanced work in International Finance; working for a Communications unit in Munich and Kaiserslautern; and, having completed winter survival training in the Alps, the Army sent me to Vietnam. Made sense to somebody. I was assigned to an Infantry unit and had various jobs as a 1st Lt and Captain.

Following Vietnam was re-assigned to the Defense Contracts Agency in Chicago.


Moved back to Colorado to take a job with Moore Business Forms but on my way to my final job interview I stopped in at the old United Bank of Denver, and those guys hired me on the spot. I don’t know what they were thinking. I have been in Banking, in Denver since. I’ve worked for some great organizations and with a lot of great people but, in over 40 years I’ve only worked for 4 different orgs. I have been in management since I started in banking. Generally, I’ve been in charge of lending and, or Trust or have run Banks or Banking groups. Yes, I’m still working, I need some place to go during the days, and I am still having fun. I have been with Citywide Banks for15 years and manage Lending and Risk. I’ve been active in various industry groups such as ABA, CBA, and AIB, in which I had the good fortune of holding national offices. I am currently active in a national consulting practice for Banking called Sheshunoff Consulting. I do some amount of travel around the country with this group.


Married to Jane. We met on the Paradise Ski Lift at Crested Butte. Our first son, Michael, has Downs so we continue to be active in Developmental Disabilities issues, and the Weiland School for Developmental Disabilities. Our second son, Patrick, is not yet married. He is a Commercial Real Estate appraiser in Denver and a Capo for the Colorado Rapids fan group. Jane and I also get involved in a couple of family businesses involved in farming and investment. Continuing hobbies are golf, skiing, bicycling, hiking, traveling, sailing, and I still do some scuba diving. Many of you knew my brother Dave, who passed away in 2004.