Brent Page

1963: Graduated HS and attended Colorado State College (now UNC) in Greeley, CO.

1965: Married Diane Bashor.

  1. November 13th our first child (Christine) was born.
  2. In December I graduated from, now UNC, and had already been substitute teaching in Denver for a month.

1968: Started teaching for the Denver Public Schools and would continue for 33 more years.

1976: Volunteered to coach the Youth Football team that fed into the ThomasJeffersonHigh School football program. Coached them for 3 years, and then moved to assistant football coach at TJ.

1979: Was named Head Track Coach at TJ and still coaching football.

1990: Was named Head Football Coach at DenverSouthHigh   School. Also was assistant boys and girls track coach.

1997: Became assistant coach for the HighlandHigh School girls Basketball team for 3 years.

2000: RETIRED!

           Aaaa. The first of our 4 grandsons was born!

2001: At Diane’s suggestion, I became a member of the Men’s Barbershop Singing Society by joining the 120 man Sound of The Rockies chorus. Like Diane’s Chorus, we sing all over the country in International Competitions. For the last 8 yrs. We have finished 3rd or 4th in the world. Can’t seem to find number 1.

Since 2000, have played a lot of golf, done some singing, and tried to stay out of Diane’s hair.