Annette (Hamilton) Moline


As many of you will remember, I started my life after graduation with my mother being in a coma the night

I graduated and she died the next morning. Just as my life was really beginning I had to adjust to life without my mother. GOD took mama at the age of 44, but left her mother to guide me until she was 99½.

I went to business school and started my career with the Government working 8 years for the VA Hospital which was at 8th and Colorado Boulevard. During this time, I married my husband, Kenny, on 9/11165 and

had both of our daughters-Ginger in 1968 and Gayla in 1971. When Gayla was 18 months old” I quit the

VA and stayed home with the girls until they were both in school all day. At this time, I went to work for Adams County School District 12 so I could have summers off and their off-school days. Working at the school district made it possible for me to be with the girls when they weren’t in school.

In 1979 , I started a 17-year career with different entities owned by Union Pacific Corporation, whose controlling company was out of New York, From 79-89, I was with the subsidiary, Rocky Mountain

Energy-this was the mining division of Union Pacific Corp., located in Broomfield at the Jefferson

County Airport From 89-95, I transferred over to USPCL Inc.–this was the hazardous waste division of UPC, located in Boulder. Then the fun began and UPC decided to get out of the hazardous waste business and sold everything to Laidlaw. After a lot of thought, I decided to leave UPC as the Laidlaw plan was not for me.

My last 4 years that I worked 95-99,I went to Melody Homes (homebuilder), located at 110th and

Sheridan. This was l0 minutes from the house-what a dream to be so close to work after all my working years.

In 1999 when my first grandson was 8 months old-I retired from corporate America to take care of him and any future grandchildren. Did not want them in daycare. This was a gift I gave to our girls-as my

Grandmother always told me “be good to your grandchildren and be there for them as I have been for you and your sister.” Ginger gave us our Mitchell (15) and Kyle (11). Gayla gave us Emilee (9) and Colton

(5). I have had the privilege of taking care of all 4 of my grandchildren, Mitchell from 8 months old and the other 3 since birth. When Kenny isn’t working or golfing (works part-time at the golf course so he can golf free), he is there to help me with the comings and goings of all of their activities. Love being such an integral part of their lives-we have such a close bond with them. We consider ourselves so lucky that our girls both live in Frederick, and we are able to spend lots of time with them all.

Starting in August (when school starts) will be the first time in 15 yean that I have not had a little one in the house during the day. This will be quite a change for Grammie-but I am sure I will find plenty to do during the day until I need to go get them after school.