Frances Lieser

The Last 50 years:

1) Fall of 1963 I went to work for State Farm Insurance, worked for 1 year.

2) September of 1964 I started working for Hewlett Packard. Worked for HP for 33 years until the division I was in was sold to Celestica I worked for Celestica for 2 years and decided to leave about April 1999.

3) My love and interest in horses lead me to raising and training Registered Morgan Horses in the spring of 1965. Went out of the horse business in fall of 1995.

4) Made the biggest mistake of my life! Got married November 1968. I finally wised up and got a divorce in April 1980.

5) Joined Larimer County Search & Rescue in the fall of 1980 training search & rescue dogs. Early in 1984, the Colorado Search & Rescue Board asked me to find a way to organize the search doges on a state-wide level. With the help of a couple of team members, I founded SARDOC (Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado). SARDOC is still fully utilized today.

6) In the fall of 1990 my interest in dogs grew into training stock dogs which lead to competing in stock dog trials. I have my own business training stock dogs and their handlers. The dogs are trained on sheep, ducks, and cattle.

7) I moved to Gill, Colorado from Loveland in December of 1995. My mother moved with me so I could take care of her. She passed away 2 ½ years ago. I still live in Gill. I have 6 dogs, 3 cats, 120 sheep, 3 calves, and about 25 ducks & geese. The animals are all used in my stock dog training business with the exception of the cats.