Neil Larkins


By Neil Larkins

(Some dates approximate)

I was born in Chanute, KS on December 31, 1945 at three o’clock in the afternoon.

My family moved to Keenesburg, CO, possibly 1946 or 1947. (My father was a pastor and went where the church leaders assigned him.)

We moved to Johnstown, CO in 1949 or 1950. I started first grade in fall 1950.

1959, my father accepted a church assignment in Eads, CO. I began eighth grade September that year.

Graduated from Eads High School May, 1963. Began attending Otero Junior College in La Junta, CO that fall to become an architect. A series of bad choices had me dropping out after a year and a half. One good choice while there: Met and married a wonderful girl, Teresa Hammer, November 24, 1964.

 Lots of moving around after that: To Kansas, back to Colorado, then to Kansas City, Missouri where our only child, an absolutely gorgeous daughter was born. LaVonne Marie July, 19, 1966. More moving. Denver area fall that year, to Kansas again in 1967 and then to Oklahoma City, OK in 1968.

By then I had a solid trade, carpet installation (with a short side trip as a private investigator) and in 1970 moved to Phoenix, AZ. Arab Oil Embargo of 1974 nearly wrecked Phoenix economy so we moved again to find work. This time to the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area.

Good move. Lived and plied my trade in Texas for nearly 25 years. Bought a piece of raw land outside Ft. Worth, hand built a house, raised our daughter and sent her to college. Established and lost a few businesses. Lost Teresa to breast cancer July 16, 1997. Moved to Phoenix, AZ area January, 1999 to care for my parents who had moved there in 1975 and stayed. Dad died Oct. 1999, Mom in June 2003.

2003, I began seeing another wonderful girl, Helen May LaBelle. She’d come to AZ from CA after the death of her husband; we married November, 2005.

2010, Helen and I bought a home in Mesa, AZ. Today both Helen and I are retired. She makes jewelry and I spend my time writing and doing research on things that interest me. I have self-published two e-books, “Mouse Hole” and “The Wonderfulist,” a collection of short stories. Both are available on My daughter and her family – husband and two sons, live in South Carolina. I am on Facebook, but do not put much personal information on it, especially photos for privacy reasons.

Last word: This bio is deliberately lacking in detail and does not begin to delineate the amazingly varied life I enjoyed with the remarkably courageous Teresa. Anyone who would like to know more about me, that life or just to correspond about whatever can do so by e-mail. Send to: