Ron Kingham

After graduating from Roosevelt I went on to CU for one year, and then worked for Great Western for 1 year. From there I went to National Electronic Institute in Denver. After graduating from there in November of 1967 I went to work for Collins Radio Company in Dallas TX. After a year and half there I started at Hewlett Packard in Loveland and worked there for 9 years. Since then I worked here in Johnstown where my wife and I had a electronic repair shop and also had a Radio Shack, Quasar dealership. We closed that business after a few years and I went on to get a job at Honeywell in Denver. After 13 years there I was made part of a downsizing plan and went on to work for Thunderbird Gaming in Greeley. While working there I received a patent for a gaming online system before the gaming commission forced them to stop operations because some illegal dealings with the internet. From there those of us that were in the engineering group started our own company and we received a patent for a system that would use a PC operating system for a gaming machine. This company was bought out by Shuffle Master which after 5 years decided that they did not want to be in the slot machine business any more and laid us all off. I then ended up working for Fleetwood Gaming doing design of slot machines for them. After 5 years they were hit by the great recession and I was laid off there. Since then I have retired and am working as a consulting engineer.

At HP I met, and married my wife Christine in 1973 and we have been together ever since. We have two children, a daughter and a son.

Our daughter Catherine is married to Dr. Malcom MacConmara. She graduated from Emerson Collage in Boston with a Masters in speech pathology. Catherine works as a speech pathologist in Atlanta GA. Her husband is finishing is in his last year of transplant surgeon fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta.

Our son Noah went into the Army and then graduated from UNC. He is now married and he and his wife have four children ranging in age from 6 years to 9 months. The oldest is a girl and the rest are boys. Noah now works at a Army depot as a security specialist near Patton Village, CA. They all live just north of Reno, NV next to the California border.

In our spare time my wife and I enjoy traveling in our 1973 Airstream trailer. While here in Colorado we take part in the senior centers in both Johnstown and Milliken. I am currently the President of the Milliken Senior advisory board. Chris enjoys working with our dog and making things for our grandchildren and children.