Barbara (Moser) Gilstrap

It has been nine years since Barb suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and resulting major stroke that almost totally destroyed her ability to speak, write or understand language.  Her language skills continue to improve thanks to her incredible commitment to doing speech therapy.  She is still unable to write letters or emails so I’m her secretary for this one.  We sold our farm and moved to a townhome on the east side of Boyd Lake in Loveland in 2012.  No mowing, spraying, shoveling, trimming or weeding involved (Yay!).  We celebrated 40 years of marriage in December of 2012. 

We have three children, six grandchildren  and two great grandkids, all in the Northern Colorado area.  Bowling, golf, movies and therapy occupy most of our time although I am very involved in working at the clinic where Barb takes speech therapy. 

Gordon & Barb Gilstrap

4068 Avenida del Sol Drive

Loveland, CO  80538


Home phone: 970-667-4875

Cell phone: 970-988-6412

Fax: 877-495-9157