Sondra (Reed) Chatwell

How I spent the last 50 years since I graduated. It seems impossible it has been that long. As some of you know l married a Sailor. We had two children a son and a daughter. He made a career of it and we lived many interesting places. I held-many assorted jobs running from retail to baker to daycare facility manager and even Wal-Mart Supervisor and met a great many interesting people from all around the world. I was at the commissioning of the Air craft carrier USS America. We lived in Norfolk VA at the time. We moved to Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training center for 3 year just north of Chicago. We had a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. Then it was on to a base in California. Just across the road from the big Horse Racing facility and down the block from Disney Land and all the touristy places. I came back to Johnstown while my husband was in Viet

Nam. Next in our adventure was the Island of Midway, yes where the battle of Midway was fought. We saw first-hand a lot of the remains of the battle. Here you were literally 1200 miles from the Mall, all our basic needs were readily available but it was sure fun to fly to Honolulu for extras. Then back to the states after 2 years on paradise. Now you could find us smack in the middle of wine country, a base near Fresno. By this time both of our children were in DOD school and growing faster than I wanted them to. Our next stop was back to Johnstown while Jack was out to sea for 4 years. Involved with the dispute in Iran and it’s plight. As you know there is nothing like being around people you know. The last duty station in this long career was a smaller town in Wyoming. We landed in Worland WY Navy recruiter duty. The coldest place in the winter and the hottest in the summer, anyway thats how it seemed at the time. After Jack retired from the Navy we moved to Casper, WY and went to work. It was sure an adjustment on the both of us. We suffer threw by taking our vacations in San Carlos, Senoria, Mexico on our boat and catching the rays while we caught Mahi Mahi, Dorado, Sailfish and anything else that came near our lines. There were a lot of needy children there and we found ourselves returning yearly-with our truck and boat loaded to the hilt with what we could, to help these little dears. Our fun in the sun came to an abrupt halt when Jack’s health went south due to Agent Orange contamination. So now were just take our motor home and cruise down to southern Arizona for the winter and enjoying life as it comes. We’re also enjoying our son and daughter and their families, which includes 4 grandchildren and 4 step grandchildren. We never seem to have enough time to do all the things we had hoped to do, but I think we got pretty good hold of our bucket list.