Karol (Markham) Carter

After high school, I attended CSU in Fort for one year, and roomed with Shirley Martin. Shirley and I met lots of interesting people that year, during my year in college. I met and married Alvin Carter of

Ordway, He was a senior at C.S.U, We moved 16 miles north of Ordway, following his graduation and lived on a cattle ranch and farm. We farmed and ranched with Alvin’s family for the next l0 years. We raised cattle, pigs and milked a few milk cows- We farmed, raising corn, hay and one year of sugar beets, watermelons and cantaloupes. Our first 2 children, Cindy and Matt, were born when we lived at the ranch.

We worked very hard, saved some money and were able to buy a farm near Ordway. We then, bought

more farm ground and in 1973, we moved to the farm at Ordway where we still reside.

The next year our youngest daughter, Angela. joined the family circle. Our children all graduated from Crowley County high school. Cindy attended Otero Jr. college. University of Southern CO., pueblo, and received a degree in Biology. She received her Masters from Adams State. Matt attended U. S. C. also and received a Bachelors degree in Journalism. Angela attended U.C.C.S. and graduated with a degree in Computer information systems. Cindy is married, has 2 children, and lives in Pueblo where she is a school teacher. Matt is married has 3 children, and lives on the farm in Ordway, where he and his family farm and ranch with us. Angela is married and lives in Co. Spgs. She has 3children.

In addition to ranching and farming, Alvin is an investor. He has diversified investments and also invests in real estate. He keeps very busy with positions on several water boards. He is a big sports enthusiast. Both of our daughters played college sports all four years, and we traveled a lot to watch them play. Most of our grandchildren play sports, so we still go to lots of ball games. Matt coaches ball teams his kids play on, and Cindy and Angela coach basketball teams their kids play on. We also follow the Rockies, Broncos, and Nuggets.

Through our 40 years of living on the farm, we have done lots of rebuilding, remodeling, landscaping, corral and fence building to improve our home. I is a wonderful farm to raise kids on, and now our grandchildren, especially the city ones, love to come to the farm. Matt’s kids drive tractors now, and work at irrigating, harvesting and cattle feeding, bossing their dad and grandpa, sometimes and getting in trouble sometimes.

I was a piano teacher for 30 years and have now retired. I have always kept the farm books, and helped out when and where needed. But now that I am OLD, I don’t miss helping pull calves, drive harvest trucks, fee cattle, irrigate, or get yelled at. (ha ha) I love working with kids. I help with our churches AWANA program which is an outreach to may under privileged children in our community. I also volunteer at the local library, where I read to children, and a member of the Friends of Library Committee. I am a P.E.O. and I play Bridge badly once a month. I still play the piano and sing. I play for our church and do musical programs in the area.

Alvin and I have been fortunate that we have been mostly healthy, except for a few years, here and there. Our children were all born strong and healthy. Our grandkids are all healthy, especially their lungs. We have traveled rather extensively in the world. I’d like to do more, but Alvin hates sitting in airports, and hates overseas flights, so our travel now is more state site. We have survived blizzards, droughts, tornados, and dirt storms. Hopefully, we’ll survive a few more.