Joyce (Reichert) Binder

Joyce “Reichert” Binder married Dean Binder on July 26 1964 – the start of the busiest time for combining of the year. Still don’t know how that happened!!!!!!  and still married.

We are farming with our sons, Keith and Randy. 

Our daughter, Deana and her family live close by and also help.  Andrew – 20 is thinking about the Navy and is a big help on the farm as is Matthew, who will be  junior at RHS this year.

Keith and Carol have 3 sons – Daniel – 4 and twins – Michael and Mark – 2.

Randy and Kristen.

I retired from our school district as a secretary after 30 years.  I do miss it – It was a great time and went by way too fast. Before you know it your older and your kids are gone.