Gary Bauer

Since we’ve graduated high school, I left my parents house within a week. I moved to Greeley and Worked for 1 year, than I joined the Army for 3 years. I played basketball for 3 years on a division level team. I got to go to Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. I got out of going to Viet Nam. When the military ended, I attended C.S.C. for 2 years. I got married in 1967 to Sherry Smith from Nebraska. We met while I was in college. We had 2 children, Greg & Sheila. That marriage lasted 5 ½ years, than got a divorce. Soon after I became an electrician and worked for Canyon Valley Electric for 12 years. Feb. 13, 1975 (on Friday) I had open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve. Brent and Diane came to see me, as well as Speed and Jean Minch. Brent’s brother was in the room next to me. My heart has been okay ever since.

I went into business as current electric in 1978 as electrical contractor. In 1986 I became a Ditch Rider for Hillsborough Ditch in Johnstown – retired in 2010. I remarried in 1994, her name was Joann. We were married until she passed away in 2007. We had no children together..

I have two grandchildren from my daughter, a boy, Kasen and a girl, Kinlie. They are very involved in the Rodeo. They both have been world champions in Little Britches. They are now into Jr. High Rodeo at 12 & 13 years old. I am one proud grandpa. Both of my children live in Craig, CO. My daughter’s husband is an outfitter and rancher in Craig. My daughter is always on the road with the kids. My son, Greg, is an electrician with another guy he knows. When my wife Sherry and I divorced, I raised both children until they got married and were on their feet. Mostly all I do for entertainment is go to the Rodeos for my grandkids.

My mother, Rose, passed away in 2011, my father, Raymond, passed in 2003 and my sister, Marlene, passed in 2000. My brother lives in Loveland, not too far from me. My brother is married to a woman named Debbie and they have 3 children who all live in Loveland. Between my two marriages, I lived with Donna for 12 years and inherited 1 son, Wade, and three grandchildren – Cody, Tenton, and Jordan, who I all love dearly.

I spent my money and it will be nice to see everyone again.