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Roosevelt High School Alumni Association (RHSAA) scholarship funds:

  • Honor and memorialize RHS, JHS and MHS alumni and others
  • Provide a mechanism and structure for alumni and friends to make tax deductible contributions for RHS scholarships
  • Unless otherwise requested, all contributions will be held in endowment funds with earnings being used for RHS scholarships
  • RHSAA is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization thus all contributions are tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Bill & Sharon Held Memorial Scholarship Fund

General Scholarship Fund

John Olivas Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Steven Lynn Breninger Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bill and Sharon Held Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Bill and Sharon Held Memorial Scholarship Fund was initially established by the immediate family and numerous friends of Bill Held after his untimely death in late 2006.  Bill was a three-sport letterman at RHS and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from CSU. Sharon Held was a 1965 graduate of RHS and the RHSAA President for three years before her passing in the summer of 2016.  Bill and Sharon were founding members of the RHSAA and were instrumental in promoting, fund raising and generally “doing whatever it takes” to move the organization forward.

  • 2017 Scholarship Winner ($1000)-
    Logan Yost
  • 2014 Scholarship Winners ($1000 each)-
    Mikayla Hoffman and Megan Lipe
  • 2013 Scholarship Winner ($1000) –
    James (Riley) Hatch

John Olivas Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Since the age of 5 wrestling was a passion for John Jr. Although he struggled with wrestling as a youth, never winning a youth championship, his enthusiasm for the sport never wavered. The highlight of his youth wrestling career was a European wrestling trip.

As a member of the Roosevelt High School wrestling team John became a four-time state qualifier and three-time state placer. In 2003 he finally achieved his boyhood dream by winning the Colorado Class 3A state championship at 145 pounds.

Upon his high school graduation John received several wresting scholarship offers before committing to the University of Northern Colorado. Attending UNC as a student/athlete was John’s dream come true. He knew the key to future opportunity was a higher education. But, before John could realize that dream, tragedy struck. He lost his life July 4th, 2004 in a motorcycle accident.

To honor the life and memory of John Jr. an annual memorial scholarship was created and first awarded in 2005.

  • 2018 Scholarship Winner ($2000)-
    Jadyn Stumpf
  • 2017 Scholarship Winner ($2000)-
    Robert Pagano

General Scholarship Fund

This is a general scholarship fund is for: a) non-designated contributions from alumni and friends, b) existing scholarship funds established by individuals desiring to transfer the administrative and award responsibility to RHSAA, and c) individuals and families desiring to have memorial contributions made to a general memorial scholarship fund.

  • 2018 Scholarship Winners ($1000 each)-
    Nataly Montes
    Kendra Eickleberry
  • 2017 Scholarship Winners ($1000 each)-
    Jacob Schlagel
    Taryn Santeramo
    Everett Elder
    Ryland Eller

Steven Lynn Breninger Memorial Scholarship

(1963 – 2015)
Steve was first a child of God, but he always considered himself to be a Rough Rider.

He taught all levels of math. He coached cross country and track and field, first as an assistant and then as head coach.

Steve’s legacy is all about heart. He loved God. He loved people. He loved to teach. He loved to run. He was active in church, school and community. He believed in learning and participating. He tried to pass that philosophy on to thousands of kids. He knew instinctively that what kids are taught to believe are who we become as a society. He tried to make his contribution the best he could give.

This scholarship is Steve’s gift to pay it forward to the next generation. We hope whoever receives it will receive it in the spirit that it is given – to have heart and learn, to teach and do.

  • 2017 Scholarship Winner ($2500) –
    Jerica Baeza
  • 2016 Scholarship Winner ($2500) –
    Breanna Clayton